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5 Ways to Celebrate National Puppies Day

Whether tough Rottweilers or easy-going Maltese puppies, dogs are some of the most awesome creatures on the planet. This is why paw parents always take time to stop and celebrate their unconditional love for their furry friend every National Puppy Day. Now that March 23rd is coming up again, you’re probably thinking of how you can make your pal’s special day extra cool. Here are some fun ways:

#1 Throw a Party for Your Puppy

No occasion is ever complete without a party. Make your pooch’s day one to remember by throwing it a get-together. Invite friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers who also have fur babies. Should a house party be out of the question, hold a virtual dog bash!

One of the most important things to consider when throwing a puppy party is the decoration. Some ideas include hanging life-size cutouts of your pet on your wall, embellishing your tables with photos of your pooch, and creating party hats and napkins that have your canine’s image printed on them.

Create a playlist with dog-titled songs like “How Much is That Doggy in the Window,” “Hound Dog,” or “Puppy Love” for your party music. Also, prepare activities that both your friends and your pooch’s play pals will enjoy. These may include a fetching game, running game, or dog costume game.

Since your party is for a puppy, the food you will serve should be a little creative. For humans, you can opt for meat dishes that have been sliced using bone- or dog-shaped cutters. For your furball’s pals, go for homemade dog treats. Also, put out plenty of water. Lastly, do not forget the classic doggy bag!

#2 Have a Portrait Taken of Your Pooch

Your puppy will eventually become an adult, so what better way to celebrate its youth by having a photo taken of it? You can opt for professional shots done in a photography studio. What’s great about hiring a pro is they know the best way to capture special moments. They also understand lighting, movement, and angles.

If you are handy with a camera, you may do the photoshoot yourself. After all, smartphone cameras are now very hi-tech. It is recommended that you take photos of your pooch when it is relaxed, preferably after a meal. Once you have chosen a spot, make sure to remove any clutter from the background. Remember to never fire the flash on your phone as this may startle your dog.

Some dogs are active and hard to control during a photo shoot. What you can do is focus on your pooch’s personality and then work from there. If your dog likes to run or fetch, catch it in action with your camera. If it likes to go for walks, take it to the park and snap away. If it likes to lay on the couch all day, get fantastic shots of it at rest. The goal is to capture your dog in its element.

#3 Surprise Your Pup with Good Food

On your pooch’s special day, whip up something delicious but healthy. Bake an amazing cake using dog-safe ingredients like whole-wheat flour, baking soda, and eggs. For a boost of nutrients, top the cake with blended fruits, peanut butter, and cream cheese.

If baking is not your thing, you can also make your puppy a simple fruit salad using bananas, apples, and watermelon. Refrain from adding grapes or avocados as these are not safe for dogs to eat. For an excellent source of protein, make your pooch some meat pie. Simply fill a pan with ground beef or chicken and top it off with rice.

To ensure the safety and health of your dog, avoid giving it toxic foods like onions, garlic, chocolate, macadamia nuts, alcohol, cooked bones, and artificial sweeteners.

#4 Give Your Pooch a New Toy

Make your dog’s day extra special by taking it to the pet store for some toy shopping. You may also shop online for toys if you do not feel like going out. There are plenty of toys to choose from. If you have an active dog, you can opt for hard rubber toys like tennis balls or woven bones. If your dog is a bit laid-back, soft stuffed toys make a wonderful choice. If you want your pooch to be mentally stimulated, choose puzzles or interactive dog toys.

When looking for a toy, you should consider its durability. Puppies like to chew, so make sure that the toy you buy is made of quality material. Also, avoid dog toys that may be a choking hazard. Consider the type of material used as some contain toxins like chromium, BPA, lead, phthalate, and formaldehyde. Finally, purchase a toy with a color that your dog can easily see. The easiest to distinguish are blue and yellow.

#5 Go on a Trip

For dogs, walking in the neighbourhood park or around the block is a routine. Give your pooch a change of scenery by trying out a new dog park or a campground, even if it means going for a drive to another city. You can also take your pooch to the beach and let it enjoy the sand, sun, and water. End the day by taking your pooch to a restaurant or café.

Here are some cool dog-friendly places around Australia: 

  • NSW – Broulee Beach, Tomago River Reserve, and St. Leonard’s Park
  • Queensland – Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area, Benarkin State Forest, and Amamoor Creek Camping Area
  • Victoria – Pepi’s Land, Flinders Beach, and The Dog Play Park at Knox Park Reserve
  • Tasmania – Bridestowe Lavender Farm, Bay of Fires, and Shag Bay Heritage Walk 
  • Western Australia – The Valley Loop Trail, Bicentennial Walk, and Sandy Cape Recreation Park
  • South Australia – Para Wirra Conservation Park, Henley Beach Foreshore, and Fisheries Beach

Of course, be sure to check out some not-so-local puppy-friendly spots in your own vicinity and take your pup out on a relaxing road trip. 

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