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Adopting a New Cat? Veterinarian Paula Bullock Veterinarian’s Top Tips On Welcoming Your Kitty Home

How To Welcome Your Feline Friend With Open Arms, According To Veterinarian Paula Bullock

Welcoming a new cat into your home? While getting a new pet is exciting, it’s important to take the steps necessary to be sure your kitty is comfortable, relaxed, and has plenty of time to adjust to their new surroundings. Here, Paula Bullock veterinarian is sharing her top tips to ensure that your cat gets a warm welcome as they get used to their new space.

First, you’ll want to talk to your other family members (especially little ones) about what to expect as you welcome your new pet. Having a new cat is fun, and it’s easy for little kids to get overly excited and scare the cat, according to Paula Bullock. You’ll also want to consider the cat’s age. A kitten may be excited to play with a toddler, but an older cat may not be so into the idea. Paula Bullock recommends supervising your new cat with little kids for at least the first few weeks until they get an idea of the right way to interact with one another.

Paula Bullock says that on the day that you bring your new cat home, it’s a smart move to let them explore small areas of the house at a time. Allowing them access to one floor of the house is plenty of space at first. Be sure that they know where their food, water, and litter box are located, according to Paula Bullock veterinarian.

If you have other animals in the home, introduce them slowly, and be sure to supervise their interactions. Don’t leave your new cat with another pet until you’ve seen that they get along time and again. While some pets will take kindly to a new cat, others will not, according to veterinarian Paula Bullock.

Paula Bullock veterinarian also recommends talking to the pet’s previous owner (or rescue center employee) to learn what type of food your cat was eating. If you want to switch your cat’s food to a different brand, be sure to make the switch slowly to avoid upsetting your cat’s stomach. Paula Bullock recommends slowly adding the new food to your cat’s old food, upping the ratio a little more each day until your cat is fully transitioned to their new diet.

It’s also important to take your cat to see the vet, especially if you’re not sure of their medical history. Paula Bullock says that your vet will be able to talk with you about any shots or medical treatments your pet needs in order to stay healthy.





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