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Converting Photos Into Painting

Everybody has those special memories whether it is of those they love, a special event, or of an experience that they will carry with them throughout life. These memories while special are constrained to the person who has the memories. Many people attempt to capture these moments with a camera but oftentimes these photos become lost in masses of data and the memory is forgotten till stumbled upon at a much later date. While this works for some things, some special memories and moments need a daily reminder to remember and appreciate them. Printing and hanging photos can accomplish this however the prints themselves miss a sense of depth and character. Converting these pictures to paintings is a great way of having a piece of art with a true personal connection. Below is a description of the easy process of converting a picture into a handmade art piece that can be appreciated for years to come. 

Choosing a picture

The hardest part of commissioning any portrait or painting is having a subject stay still. With pictures this process becomes much easier and allows the customer to choose the exact angle and the exact look they want to put forth in the painting. While this is a huge advantage over sitting for hours on end, it is still a step that should be taken seriously. For a good portrait painting the picture of the subject should be well lit in that the picture displays the true skin tones and colors. The picture should also contain unique features which will ensure the artist captures the uniqueness of the individual. The nice thing about this step is that customers are able to upload pictures of multiple people and mesh them together to create a family portrait without needing everybody to pose for a photo. This is a very handy tool es[ecially during the COVID-19 pandemic when getting together with family to get a picture taken is not possible or may put those you love at risk. For landscape photos it is recommended to choose a photo that is clear and depicts the scene adequately.


During the medium selection the customer selects the way they want the painting to be painted. With options of oil paintings, watercolor paintings, and acrylic paintings, there is a breadth of different styles that are able to be achieved. Depending on the photo these styles can be more suited than others. Watercolors are perfect for beautiful landscape sunset photos while oil paintings are great for painting details such as faces and portraits. 


With the image and the medium selected one is able to select the artist they want to commission the piece of art. This step is crucial and oftentimes customers are given the opportunity to see samples of each artist’s work. Each artist has their own unique way and style of creating art and is one of the draws for people commissioning a painting. No two paintings will ever be alike and having a handmade product makes it mean so much more. The ability to look at samples is nice because customers are able to see which artist best matches the look they are going for with the piece of art. 


Once the photos are uploaded, a medium is selected, and an artist is chosen, a digital specialist will reach out and work with you to determine how the composition should look. For family portraits this is accomplished by cutting each subject out and placing them together in the same image. During this phase the arrangement, background, and colors can be altered to achieve the desired look. This is where the addition of additional subjects from separate photos occurs as the subject is cut out of the individual picture and pasted into the picture with the group. For landscapes the colors may be altered or clarification is obtained for what colors are trying to be emphasized. The physical size of the painting is also typically decided in this phase.

Overall the process of getting a photo into a painting is fairly straightforward. Utilizing websites that facilitate this process makes it much easier and is a great option. With online commerce being more important than ever, the utilization of websites to carry out this process is extremely convenient. Whether the painting is a gift or for yourself, the end recipient of the painting will be extremely happy with the end result. Some of these sites even have a satisfaction guarantee where if the painting is not what one was looking for they will revise it for free or give a full refund. This is nice as the company shows that it truly wants the customer to get exactly what they envisioned. With a satisfaction guarantee and a simple process that doesn’t involve leaving the house, converting any memory into a painting has become easier than ever.

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