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How Do I Keep My Dog Safe in the Hot Summer?

Summer temperatures in Australia can be brutal, especially for your beloved pooch. The searing temperatures may climb to dangerous levels for your pets as the summer deepens. Fortunately, there are certain strategies you can do to keep your dog safe in his daily activities. From keeping your pet cool to how to handle dog doors for walls in the summertime, here’s how you can beat the heat if you’re not sure what to do.

1. Let Your Dog Out in the Early Mornings and Evenings

 You know that exercise is important for your dog, but how do you keep them cool outside? Take walks with them in the early mornings and evenings to avoid the hottest time of the day. Try to make the habit of playing with them outdoors this time as well. Then you can keep your dog doors for walls closed in the noontime.

2. Provide Constant Access to Hydration and Shade

Always provide your pups free access to water and shade from direct sun, whether they are indoors or out. If it seems that your furry friend could use extra support in the heat, try giving her an electrolyte solution to perk her up. Electrolytes are certain trace minerals that help regulate water levels in the body. Opt for an electrolyte mix designed for dogs, since it’s not a good idea to give her sugary sports drinks for humans.

3. Mind the Elderly, Little Ones, and Dogs with Health Conditions

If you have an elderly dog, a young puppy, or a furry friend with a chronic health condition, it might be best to close off your dog doors for walls and keep them inside altogether. Small dogs and French bulldogs are also susceptible to heat illnesses and should be kept indoors during the hottest months until the danger of overheating passes. Try encouraging them to hang out in cool areas of the house like the laundry room or basement.

4. Treat the Car or Ute as a Danger Zone

This can never be said too many times – do not leave your dog alone inside the car or ute! That’s dangerous for your dog because the standing temperatures can soar very high even in a few minutes. Rolled down windows and parking in shady areas are simply not enough to stop the Australian heat in a vehicle. The hot sun can also heat the back of an ute and burn sensitive doggie paws. Either bring your dog with you to pet-friendly areas or keep them inside at home. It can save your pet’s life.

The dog days of an Australian summer may be brutal, but you can keep it cool with these smart tips for your poochie.

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