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How to Choose a Pet Water Bottle for Your Thirsty Dog

When owning a dog, we look into everything they need, comparing different products such as the leash vs a no pull dog harness, the best pet bowls, what food to invest in, and many more. However, there is one thing we may have forgotten or taken for granted: water.

Water and hydration are absolutely essential for dogs, just as it is for us, humans. Whether we are going out to walk with our dog or traveling, it’s a bit challenging keeping your dog hydrated. That is where the pet water bottle comes along (which you can get from PetSwag).

With the many pet water bottles available though, which is the best one? Here are some helpful tips and factors to consider.

  1. Material and Durability

Most pet water bottles are made of plastic, silicone, or stainless steel. Stainless steel is a winner in terms of durability and how long it can keep water cold, though they are heavier than plastic.

If you need to prioritize weight, then opt for plastic as they are more affordable and lighter. Unfortunately, they are not as durable. You may opt for silicone as they are lightweight and flexible, but are more prone to dirt.

Regardless of the material, make sure you choose one that is made of safe material and is easy to clean. Dishwasher-safe products are more convenient and easy to maintain.

Durability is another important factor to consider, as you want it to withstand wear and tear. It should be leak-proof as well, especially when you are traveling!

  1. Capacity

There are different sizes of pet water bottles, ranging from 5 ounces to over 30 ounces. The capacity you choose depends on the size and breed of your dog and how long you will go between water refills. Furthermore, the type of activities and temperature you’ll be exposed to should be taken into consideration as well.

For bigger dogs or those who will go between refills for so long, then you may want a bigger water bottle. If you will only use it for short walks with a smaller breed, a small water bottle will do.

  1. Portability

You’ll want something portable, whether you are traveling with your dog for hours or going out for a quick walk. For those walking around all day, you may want to opt for something light and with clips, carabiners, or straps you can easily attach to your backpack or belt.

  1. Water filter

For those who love to travel and go hiking off-trail with their dogs, then it’s wise to choose a pet water bottle that comes with a built-in water filter. This is also helpful when traveling to areas where tap water may not be safe to drink. While dogs would drink anywhere, it isn’t safe to do that, so a filter can give you peace of mind and prevent any problems.

Wrapping It Up

Hydration is absolutely crucial when it comes to your dog’s health, which is why a pet water bottle is required. Be sure to choose the right one according to what you and your pet need, based on these important factors above.

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