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Ocu-Glo RX: Vision Supplement for Pets

Most pet owners wonder if Ocu Glo RX side effects are severe or not. While it is a debating topic, Ocu Glo is one of the top-picked vision supplements among pet owners. The supplement was formulated by veterinary ophthalmologists to help provide nutritional support to the eyes.

The supplement features a unique blend of antioxidants, including lutein, grape seed extract, B complex vitamins, lycopene, and Omega 3 fatty acids. With the antioxidants, the system can combat the adverse effects of oxidation which is a natural process that causes cell damage over time.

Oxidative stress, especially among aging dogs, can cause degenerative eye disease, including glaucoma and cataracts. However, the medication helps lessen the symptoms of some dog eye diseases.


The Ocu Glo RX comes in liquid gel caps. Now, this can be given whole or split and sprinkled in food. For those with picky pets, the gel caps can be difficult to mask with food. Besides, there’s no added flavor, but the antioxidant tends to be bitter-tasting. If you plan to empty the contents, it’s best to mix with some food with a strong taste, such as wet dog food.

However, doctors recommend if your pet does not chew the gelcap and instead swallows it whole, the contents could strain the carpet. Moreover, if the dog won’t readily take the medication, here’s what veterinarians recommend.

  • You might need to cover the gel cap in dog meals or other delicious food and wrap it
  • You could also try Pill pockets as these are delicious little soft balls of food with a hole
  • Give your pet little coconut oil as it lubes the back of their throat, pill them and quickly close their mouth and rub their nose

Trustworthy Medication

There are two significant reasons Ocu Glo is the best option.

  • Two Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologists and a Compounding Pharmacist with years of experience in veterinary health designed and tested its safety and palatability.
  • The 12 antioxidant ingredients are all of the pharmaceutical grades. They strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. GMP guidelines are much higher than those that nutritional product manufacturers are required to meet. As a result, there’s no question of Ocu Glo RX side effects.


The hypothesis behind the product is predominantly a version of the antioxidant idea. The claim is that chronic diseases can be partially attributed to free radical damage to tissues or DNA. These diseases can be stopped or better by nutritional supplementation with antioxidants. This was a widely popular idea, but it has taken quite a beating, and antioxidants have failed to fulfill the promise in preventing most diseases for which it was hoped they would be helpful.

The specifics regarding diseases of the eye, the systematic reviews do not seem to benefit in preventing cataracts or macular degeneration. The more valuable questions would focus on specific compounds for specific diseases in a particular population.

Also, there is virtually no relevant clinical research in dogs and cats, so even the irregular and preliminary indication for such products in humans is not available for pets and patients.

How Safe Is It?

For a long time, one column of the antioxidant hypothesis resembled to be necessarily safe since they occur in foods. However, this has been claimed to be untrue. Moreover, supplementation comes with risks as well.

The benefits of any compound that affect physiology comes with parallel risks. Also, the importance of good scientific studies lies in helping us understand these risks and benefits as we make decisions about the balance between them in specific situations.

While a reasonable amount of nutrients found in food are unlikely to have dramatic risks, the actual safety of Oct Glo RX side effects cannot be known without fundamental research. Also, most companies run case studies; however, there has been a slight indication of its adverse effects.

When To Stop

Most veterinary ophthalmologists suggest clients administer the medication until the evening in case of surgery. Besides, there should be no food, supplement, or oral medications on the day of surgery.

However, one can start the medication in the evening after the surgery, either at home or when the pet is eating well. However, it is highly recommended to check with the veterinarians before administering any supplement prior to surgery.

Bottom Line

The theoretical explanation behind the choice of ingredients in these products is undoubtedly plausible. There’s evidence in human and lab animals to suggest some of them might have beneficial properties.

Besides, the theory of oxidative damages has failed to bear real-world fruit in terms of supplements validated as effective in clinical trials. The human clinical trial evidence for the ingredients varies from weakly positive to primarily harmful to insufficient to conclude.

It is unlikely that there might be significant risks to using the product. Besides claims by marketing for many supplements pitched to pet owners, the claims made by Oct Glo RX are pretty measured and reasonable in light of the limited available evidence. But it is debatable whether the dividend is sufficient to justify marketing a product like this at all.


  • Dogs do not eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables; however, the small herbivores that dogs hunt definitely consumed a diet rich in antioxidants. Therefore, dogs would indirectly ingest their needed nutrients.
  • All Ocu-Glo ingredients are not only natural; they are GMP certified. While most human supplements are food-grade, most animal supplements are food-grade or feed-grade. But pharmaceutical-grade means they are of the highest quality and purity.
  • Oct-Glo can help in retinal degenerations such as PRA, SARDS in which sight is not entirely gone, IMR, also toxic cataracts secondary to PRA or uveitis, diabetes-related cataracts, and other diabetes-related neuropathies.


Safe use in pets intended for pregnancy or breeding has not been proven. If the condition depletes or does not change, stop product administration and quickly consult your veterinarian. Besides, the medication is not for use with anticoagulants.

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