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What kind of food is best for kittens?

Your kitten demands the right mix of healthy and tasty food, and you would feel like obliging it all the time, right? Well, it makes sense to know what you need to feed kittens. Of course, adult or senior cats would have different nutritional requirements compared to kittens. Experts recommend a tailored and nutritious cat food for your kitten. This would foster a good health, and it would stay agile and active.

In this post, you will get to know the right type of food that your kitten needs.

What type of food should you feed to your kitten?

Prioritizing the caloric and nutritional requirements of your kitten, branded manufacturers have come up with highly tailored cat food that you can purchase online. These food packages contain fresh chicken, lots of fruits and vegetables, low-glycemic whole grains, and botanicals enriched with nutrients.

The phytonutrient and antioxidant properties of whole fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system in kittens. Moreover, this specific formula fosters better eye and brain development, as they contain natural DHA sources. Make sure to purchase cat food online with Canadian-sourced protein. The reputed manufacturers infuse these packages with superior flavors, that all the kittens would love.

Moreover, branded cat food contains prebiotics and probiotics. This ensures that they would be able to absorb the nutritional value seamlessly, that would support their gut health.

Best food for kittens based on age

Have a look at the recommended kitten food based on its age. Make sure to procure these foods from a branded manufacturer, preferably through their website.

  • The first month: For the first month, mother cats are generally in charge to feed their babies. However, at times, you need to take care of rejected or ill kittens. Purchase the newborn formula for milk replacement for your pet. Newborn kittens would need their meals more frequently. You need to feed them every two to four hours during the first month.
  • Four to five weeks old: Once the kitten reaches one month of age, it would be prepared to take solid food, replacing milk. At this stage, you can calculatedly combine both milk and kitten food. This is a transition period, and some pets might be keener to take solid foods.

However, if you find your kitten not willing to switch to solid food, you can top it with the milk formula. This ensures that they would grow in terms of weight. When they are ready, they would naturally switch to solid food.

  • Six to eight weeks old: Given that your pet would be completely weaned by the time it reaches 1.5 to 2 months of age, it would comfortably intake solid food. Experts recommend purchasing healthy and high-quality kitten food online, so that you can check the ingredients. Besides, feed them plenty of fresh water. At this stage, most pets would intake food three to four times a day.
  • Beyond eight weeks: After two months, your pet would need four meals a day. However, when it attains the age of six months, you can reduce the number of meals per day to two. However, continue to procure quality cat food online from one of the reputed manufacturers.

 How good is canned kitten food for your pet?

Veterinarians highly recommend canned kitten food for your pet, considering their quality and high nutritional value. Depending on its aptitude and food preferences, you can feed different types of poultry, fish, and shrimp. Moreover, you might try meat and different types of fruits and vegetables. Most cats prefer canned food, which eliminates the hassles for the owners to prepare special diets all the time.

Now that you know the value of branded cat food, make sure to purchase the same from a reputed online portal. This ensures that your pet would enjoy the necessary nutritional value as it matures over the years.

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