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Why Dog Health Insurance Is So Important?

Dog health insurance is the number one way in which a dog owner can ensure their dog will receive the best care possible in the event that the dog needs it. Dog insurance is truly important for the vast majority of dog owners in the world that could not pay out of pocket for all the medical costs that the dog may potentially need. Dog insurance allows owners the freedom to choose the best care option according to what the best outcomes are rather than what is most cost efficient. Many people consider their dogs a part of the family and even consider them to be their furry children. Dog insurance ensures your fur baby is happy and healthy no matter the costs. Below are 3 reasons that dog insurance is so important to have for dogs. 


Cancer is a disease that affects many animals and sadly dogs are not exempt from developing the disease. Cancer in dogs arises the same way it does through people with a large percentage being inherited. If a dog owner is aware that the dog has a family history of cancer it is very important to get pet insurance as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery in dogs is amongst the more expensive procedures a dog may need to go through. Pet insurance will cover the majority of these costs and will give your pet a much better likelihood of surviving the cancer when they are receiving the best treatment options available. Too many dogs pass without being given the chance to fight cancer merely because owners simply cannot afford the treatments available. With pet insurances available at a variety of price points, it can fit into many different budgets and gives owners peace of mind and the ability to help their pet fight cancer and continue a long and healthy life. 

Joint Issues

Both humans and dogs can face cartilage and ligament issues. Issues of the joints account for many surgeries in dogs as certain breeds can be prone to hip dysplasia and back problems. Joint and cartilage issues can be fixed with surgical intervention but these procedures are costly. Pet insurance allows you to go into the vet office and set up a surgical date without thinking twice since you know you will be covered financially. The treatment for these issues are so costly since theft usually requires many different forms of imaging before and after surgery in addition to paying the highly skilled veterinarians that are trained in the specific procedure. These procedures can also be painful and require painkillers to be prescribed. A good insurance will not only cover the cost of the procedure but they will also cover all pre-operation and post-operational care that may be needed including prescription. Pet insurances that cover these are a good fit since they truly will cover the expenses of having a pet that unfortunately needs one of these procedures done. This allows owners to worry more about taking care of their dog after the operation than worrying about how they are going to pay the looming vet bill. 

Gastro Intestinal Issues

Gastro intestinal (AKA G.I.) issues are issues involving the stomach and digestive track. Curious dogs and puppies are notorious for chewing on or eating things accidentally left out. While most of these items are benign some can cause serious issues and require a trip to the veterinary office to either be removed or treated against if it is poisonous. Much like joint issues, G.I. issues are expensive because they require multiple imaging techniques and specialists in the specific procedure for the intestinal tract. Swallowing foreign objects that are not food can end up blocking the intestinal tract which leads to bloating and could lead to much more significantly harmful conditions. In this case surgery is required to remove the item and post operative care is often needed to ensure the dog doesn’t rip the stitches. These types of events are commonplace in a vet office as dogs and puppies are naturally curious creatures. Pet insurance ensures you are prepared in the event that your furry friend accidentally eats something he shouldn’t have. 

Nobody plans to have a dog that has these issues but people who choose to have pet insurance plan for the unexpected by ensuring they are covered in the event of unforeseen medical problems. Pet insurance is a great thing to have in the event of any form of medical emergency since owners don’t have to be afraid of wasting money bringing their pet in if it might not be something actually emergent. Getting a pet insurance plan that encourages preventative care is also a great way of avoiding hefty vet bills as these routine checkups screen for common issues found in dogs. Early detection of issues like cancer found in these routine checkups can greatly increase the chances of successful treatment and recovery. 

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