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Why Your Pet Deserves A Pet Portrait

Your pet is part of the family and deserves to be treated like it. Every pet owner can agree that their house wouldn’t be as warm if they didn’t have their furry friend to come home to. We constantly spoil them with new toys and their favorite treats so they know they’re loved. Some pet owners are even guilty of pampering their pets more than their own children.

Every pet has their own unique way of telling their owners they love them. It’s part of what makes the journey of being a pet parents so special. This makes many pet owners wonder what they can do to celebrate their pet. One of the most fun ways to celebrate your furry friends are with pet portraits. It’s one great pet gift that many people overlook.

Pet portraits can liven up the decor of any room in your house. Of course, that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one. There are quite a few reasons that you should get your pet a pet portrait and you will love every one of them.

Celebrate Their Personality

Whether you’re a dog owner or owned by cats, one thing that makes every animal unique is their personality. Every pet has their own set of quirks and habits that their owners grow to love. Have you ever snapped a photo of your pet only to be left smiling at how much of their personality you captured in just one shot. It could be their facial expression or a certain gesture that made that picture really special to you.

A pet portrait is a great way to show off your pet’s personality. Unlike humans, pets don’t always realize when the camera is rolling. They don’t tense up or get camera shy, so it’s easier for you to capture their true personality in their portraits pictures. A lot of artists are able to pick up on elements that make your pet special to add to their portrait. This makes the portrait more valuable to the owner’s heart.

Always Remember Them

The toughest part about being a pet owner is that even though you will be around for their whole life, they are only there for a short period of yours. Having a pet portrait of your beloved animal is a great way to keep their memory alive. Even though you may have hundreds of digital photos of your pet on your phone, a portrait is something that will last a lifetime. When you’re feeling down this portrait can help you remember some of the best moments with your pet.

Liven Up Your House

Every home needs decor to liven up a boring wall. If you’re looking for an original piece of art, one thing you know none of your friends will have is a portrait of your gorgeous pet. Let your friends have the same generic department store stock canvas in their living rooms. Your home can stand out with a fun and exciting pet portrait.

Looking for great art doesn’t have to be time consuming. You already have a gorgeous pet, so allow them to be the muse for the art.  Pet portraits make a statement in every room.

You Love Them

The final and foremost reason that your pet needs a pet portrait is because you love them. You probably already have pictures up of your kids, family, and friends. Why shouldn’t your pet be included in the mix? You know you love looking at that little furball’s face, so get that cute face put onto a pet portrait.

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