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Your Ultimate Guide To Selecting Cat Treats

Having a pet for companionship is a great way to improve your emotional health and mental well-being. Responsible pet owners provide a comfortable environment to live in, healthy and nutritious food, and an emotional connection to their animals. Oftentimes, treats are presented for general use and bonding, while others are used to improve dental health and as nutritional supplements.

Pet treats like snacks for humans should be restricted to a few times per week. Veterinarians advise looking for healthy cat treats which will also supplement their regular diet. Pampering your pet is a sure sign of the close bond you have nurtured, however, some pet owners can go overboard leading to unhealthy and overweight pets. So how do you decide which treats are best for your cat?

Types of Cat Treats

The variety of cat treats brands just like pet food available is quite immense and can present a challenge to pet owners. With cats famously known to be fussy eaters, selecting the right preference for your furry friend should not be overlooked because it improves the relationship between pet and pet owner.

  1. Raw cat treats – Cats are considered obligate carnivores and so their diet should include high amounts of protein to meet this dietary need. Raw cat treats can include raw meat, fish, and meat products that your feline friend will truly appreciate. Pet owners should remember not to use treats like food, they should be used in moderation. When used as food, they should only be applied as a topping and not the main feed.
  2. Freeze-dried cat treats – These delicacies are also made from different types of meat sources. By drying before freezing, the nutritional content of the ingredients is maintained. This also improves the longevity of the treat and saves you money. Always read the ingredients on the packaging and ensure they haven’t expired to avoid giving your pet toxic treats.
  3. Dental cat treats – Dental disease is a common problem for cat owners. Investing in treats that keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy promotes dental health and keeps away tartar. This should not be used as a substitute for regular veterinary visits but as a supplement.
  4. Moist cat treats – Cats are notably finicky eaters and might refuse to eat any dry food or treats. This can be very chewy making them unpalatable. Moist treats provide a great texture and flavor that cats love. Remember to read the calorific content on the label to avoid making your cat overweight.


Selecting treats that your pet will enjoy should be informed by their life stage and current dietary needs. As a pet owner, you may be tempted to give your companion a treat every time they ask for it. This should be avoided to manage weight problems. Cat treats should be used for; training to improve their agility and alertness, for apologizing, and most importantly for growing the bond between pet and pet owner. Happy pets make happy owners and finding cat treats that are healthy and tasteful ensures your cat is at its best, lives longer, and is healthy.

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