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How To Look After A Dog Expecting Her Babies For The First Time

When a woman is about to give birth for the first time, she needs the required amount of care. The same thing goes with animals. They need some care in giving birth to healthy puppies. Hence, it is the best time to care for your dogs, though the entire process might seem a little bit confusing, as you are not accustomed to this kind of nursing. This handy guide will help you care for your pet during her pregnancy.

Health Check-Up Every Month is Necessary

Due to changes in the hormones, mood swings and other changes are apparent during pregnancy, although every mammal experiences this motherly nature. If it is too hot, consider the best portable air conditioner in one portion of your house, giving some comfort to the pet. They need utmost care in this period. It generally happens in the first semester of pregnancy; they show some lethargy in their movements and avoid eating regularly. It can be a sign of any complication in the pregnancy.

Take your pet for a health check-up every month, and a periodic abdominal scan is necessary to see the growth of the fetus. You may also take care of the blood sugar level and blood pressure at the carrying period because if it goes high, it may place the mom at risk.

Vaccinations are Important before Pregnancy Occurs

Before your pet goes through the mating process, check whether your pet is updated in the annual vaccinations. Vaccinations keep them safe from any chronic diseases and prevent health issues during pregnancy. After delivery, as lactation starts in her body, the puppies get complete protection to suck the mother’s milk overloaded with nutrients. Mother’s milk helps in the nourishment of the babies and aids in their course of development.

Give Nutrition to the Pregnant Dogs at Home

Give pregnant dogs food loaded with vitamins, minerals, and potassium, as they need extra nutrition for healthy babies. You can also provide some nutritional supplements to them after consulting with the veterans. It helps their puppies to grow faster. As the pregnancy period remains the same for all mammals, it is pretty standard that you should give your pet food most frequently but in smaller amounts in the first few weeks of nursing.

Also do some exercises regularly. It helps in the growth of the puppies and prevents mood swings or frequently become ravenous. You can also let her drink hot water at this whelping period. Buy a water kettle to make warm water for your pet.


After the birth of puppies, keep mom isolated from other animals, as she needs even more care along with her puppies. In addition, vaccinating the puppies after 5 to 6 weeks of birth is necessary to keep them safe and healthy from parasites. Hopefully, this guide could help you in the process of taking care of your pet, as they are best friends of your in need and deed.

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