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Pet- Friendly RV Camping Guide

Planning on a wilderness getaway with your four-legged companion? If so, it is your responsibility as an owner to make sure all the precautionary measures are taken care of beforehand. Once completed, you’re already well on your way to an unforgettable experience in nature with your pet.

First, you should gather all essential information such as proof of ownership and veterinary records to name a few. Owners should confirm that their pet has all their current vaccinations, and a visit to the vet could also provide you with insect protection. While we’re on the topic, a first aid kid should is another must-have. Consider the local wildlife, upcoming weather forecasts, and nearest veterinary hospital before leaving for your journey.

Before you leave, owners should take into consideration the policies and guidelines the different parks implement when it comes to bringing pets along. Certain parks may have restrictions on which breeds and the number of pets allowed, as well as additional fees.

Next up, make sure to pack accordingly depending on where you are headed. Food, medications, and leashes are givens, but if you are voyaging into the woods and plan on doing a lot of physical activity, pack booties, life jackets, and harnesses so your pet is fully equipped to attack the outdoors running. One more thing: bring a healthy supply of clean drinking water, because the water where you are going may not be suitable to drink.

Lastly, it’s advised that owners procure a confined yet comfortable space for the pet to stay while travelling. Other options include crating your pet or securing them into a seat with a harness, much like a seatbelt. If traveling with a trailer, do not leave the pet unattended, but rather ride with the owner in the tow vehicle.

For even more information on making the most of your trip with your furry friend, please see the accompanying resource provided by Parts Via.

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