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Can My Dog Cope with Cold Weather?

Are you looking for a dog breed to suit your lifestyle? Are you considering moving to a cold city and want to know if your pup can handle it? There are many parts of the country that have sub-zero and low temperatures at different times of the year. Just as you feel the cold, so can your canine. But there are some factors that can make it better or worse for some more than others. Let’s take a look.


Coat Thickness

It is easy to assume that all dogs can stay warm just because they have a layer of fur. But this is sometimes not enough for the cold times of the year. The truth is, a lot of dogs were not bred to be outdoors during the winter. There are pups out there with short and thin fur that are used to warmer temperatures. This can mean that going for walks can be difficult. Therefore, consider your dog’s coat thickness. Typically, canines with long fur and a double coat are going to thrive in the snow. Dogs with short coats will need a warm jacket to keep them warm.


If you have a senior or aging dog, take this into account when it is wintertime. An older canine can be more sensitive to plummeting temperatures than a young and active pooch. In particular, if your dog has arthritis, it is going to help their joints to stay warm. They are not only going to benefit from a jacket when going for a walk, but a warm bed is going to be a must. You can include warm woof blankets so that they can snuggle up and have a good snooze.


Another factor to consider is the weight of your dog. For example, if your pup is skinny and does not have a lot of fat on its body, they are not going to retain heat very well. In other words, they are going to feel the cold more in the house and outside on walks. If your dog is a little bit chunkier, they are going to stay warmer. Consider buying a warm jacket for your canine when you are going out on walks during the winter. In addition, blankets in the house work well for canines to relax.

Your Home

Everybody’s home is going to be different during the winter. For example, you may live in a small house that manages to retain the heat. However, you can also live in a larger home that gets cool at night. Either way, you need to consider what your house is like for a pooch, even those with furry coats. If you think that your house is cold, it will be time to create a cozy corner for your canine. This can include a fluffy bed and Sherpa fleece is good for retaining heat. In addition, you can add lots of blankets so that your dog can create their own warm den.

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