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Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discusses Whether You Should Feed Your Dog Wet or Dry Food


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, it can be difficult to decide whether to feed your dog dry or wet dog food since you have to consider many important factors such as their age, health, behavioral needs, and more. Both dry and wet dog food is appropriate for dogs since they are nutritionally balanced. However, one specific type might be more suitable for your dog depending on their needs.

The Discussion

Let’s look at a few details that will help you decide whether to feed wet or dry food to your dog:

  1. Dry dog food benefits – Dry dog food includes all the necessary protein sources or meat ingredients and is pulverized to create a dough that can be cooked. After that, it is processed into kibble which is sprayed with oils, fats, vitamins, and minerals, and then dried.

Dry dog food offers dental health benefits since it encourages dogs to chew their food properly which prevents the build-up of tartar or secondary periodontal diseases. Some brands include probiotics to boost immune health and aid in digestion.

Dry dog food is also less expensive in most cases and easier to store long-term. Thus, they are a more financially feasible option. And it is more convenient to pre-portion dry dog food which your dog can eat throughout the day at their own pace. Finally, dry food is your best bet if you want to entertain your dogs with food puzzles and offer some mental stimulation.

  1. Wet dog food benefits – Wet dog food also includes essential ingredients such as meat sources and protein, but those ingredients are mixed with a gravy of minerals, vitamins, and grains which are then cooked and sterilized before they are canned.

Thus, wet dog food has a much higher moisture content up to 78% compared to up to 10% in dry dog food. Wet dog food is beneficial for dogs that don’t drink too much or live in a hot, dry climate. It is also helpful for dogs that have a medical condition such as kidney or urinary disease.

Wet dog food is much more aromatic and flavorful compared to dry dog food. As a result, they are perfect for sick or older dogs who have a low appetite or have lost their sense of smell. Plus, they are easier to chew and are helpful for dogs that suffer from oral abnormalities or dental diseases. Finally, wet dog food is recommended for dogs that have a never-ending appetite since the high-moisture content helps them to feel full and helps with weight management.

  1. The recommended option – You can offer both dry and wet food to your dogs at different times of the day to ensure they enjoy the benefits offered by both dog food types. Just ensure you don’t overfeed them or mix food from different brands.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests you consult your vet and discuss the lifestyle habits of your dog to determine which type of dog food would be the most ideal. Ensure you follow the guidelines recommended by them and if they permit, you can even try mixing wet and dry dog food.

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