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Things To Know About Cat Behavior

All of us love our furry friends but often tend to misunderstand them. If you are a new cat parent, then it’s entirely possible that you wouldn’t don’t understand much of your cat’s behavior. Often, when your cat is doing something, you feel that it is trying to tell you something, but you don’t know what exactly. Well, don’t stress. All you need to do is click here to find all the information here.

Some Of The Most Common Cat Behaviors Are:

·        Litter Box Issues

If your feline is doing business in other places except for the litter box, then the behavior tends to be a sign of a medical problem. One of the most common culprits of this issue is anxiety, and you need to understand the reason why your cat is stressed. The reason behind the pressure can be anything like you have moved to a new place or had some guests at home etc. medically, it can signal a plethora of issues, including diabetes and kidney or urinary tract infection. But, again, a trip to your vet will be your best bet if you fail to understand the unusual behavior.

·        Estrus

Cats, especially in heat or estrus display, mainly show behavioral signs that aren’t restricted to rolling around or excessive demanded affection. It can be pretty challenging to calm your female feline, but nothing is impossible, so you can try giving her a warm towel as it would help to soothe the anxiety. Furthermore, you can give her some toys to give her relief. Spaying is your best bet if estrus is difficult for your cat.

·        Scratching

There are can be a plethora of reasons why a cat is scratching. Often cats scratch around your house or furniture because they want to groom their claws or want to mark the territory.

·        Itching

It is undoubtedly an abnormal feline behavior to which you surely need to pay attention. Itching is likely to include obsessive licking or scratching their fur that is likely to be caused due to skin irritation or some other health issues.

·        Biting

It is one of the severe cat behaviors. Even though biting can be pretty dangerous, it is likely caused by a cat feels that needs to prove some dominance. You need to take your cat to a professional if biting becomes quite worse.

·        Water Intake

If you have noticed your cat drinking more water than usual, it can be a matter of concern, but several cats also love drinking water, or they might be drinking water when you are around. The type of food they eat also decides their water intake. When the cats like hydration, they are likely to drink a lot of water. You need to trust your gut if you are still quite concerned. If the water intake is quite excessive, it might be a symptom of kidney ailment or disease.

Above all, you need to know that your cat’s communication is likely to be the center of their personality.

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